I help women just like you to elevate.

Boudoir Photography in Chelsea

As a female boudoir photographer in Chelsea, Melbourne, I create experiences for women to feel beautiful, strong and empowered in their own skin. Every journey is unique and I am honoured to show you all the reasons you deserve to be celebrated. ‘From the first phone call, Marina was down to earth and chilled, as soon as I walked in I felt like I had known her for ages.
She walked me through everything and made it so much fun! ‘- Jen 

Why get female boudoir portraits?

Boudoir photography is for everyBODY. No matter your age, size, shape or belief system, this experience is for you. Boudoir photography for women is more than just pretty photos, it’s strength, beauty and self-worth! So, whatever your feelings are towards your body, it’s time to see it in a different light and express yourself.

‘I finally understand first hand the invigorating feeling you all have talked about afterwards. I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks with a newfound confidence that I’ve never had before. It was an incredible experience! I would do this every year if possible! - Jen

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Whether it’s for a gift or just for yourself, it’s not just a photoshoot but also an empowering statement. For a unique boudoir photography experience in Chelsea contact me here.

/ FAQs

What does boudoir photography mean?

I believe the word “boudoir” is a cliché. My personal photographic voice is embracing femininity, a woman’s independence and sexuality. Focusing on the more raw, authentic, candid expression of yourself. It’s in everyday little moments, it’s in your smile, in the way you move, it’s in your imperfections, in your own magic and the photographer’s talent documenting this. Boudoir photography involves a certain level of undress (either lingerie, minimal clothes or nothing at all) and because of the posing and wardrobe, these images tend to be more intimate in nature.

I’m not photogenic and I don’t know how to pose.

No-one is perfect and no-one really knows how to pose. The beautiful women you see in my galleries are not models, they are normal, everyday women who also asked me the same question, and they felt a bit nervous when they walked in for a photo session.. I’m here to gently guide you through posing and expressions and I’ll make this experience really special for you. These photos will make you feel proud, strong and beautiful, so you can own who you are. Please trust me, I can’t wait to meet you.

What should I wear to my boudoir photoshoot?

Once you’ve booked, I’ll send you a guide with everything you need to know.  Don’t worry about spending hundreds on new pieces (unless you want to), we can work with what you’ve already got: something casual, something formal and something daring. Maybe it’s a sexy BLD, an oversized jumper, a bodysuit, jeans and a top or a boyfriend’s shirt – bring them all in! All I want is for you to feel comfortable and sexy, you need to love the way you look! Feel free to email me your wardrobe ideas in advance, we can have fun planning it together!

How long does the photoshoot take?

My sessions are very relaxed but always well planned and organised. Most sessions tend to take 1 to 2 hours . I gently guide you through posing and expressions, taking the time as needed to achieve the best and most flattering photos. Noone will be watching the clock, I promise!

Where do you take the boudoir photographs?

You can choose to have your photo session ay my cosy little studio, at your place or in the Dandenong ranges waterfall – I love fresh ideas, surprise me.

Can you "photoshop" me?

Please let me know about your concerns before the session, and we will try to eliminate them by nailing the “right” posing and angles where you’ll feel most confident. If there is still something that needs to be retouched, I’ll do it for you. I like to abide by the “less is more” rule and I’m a strong believer that imperfections are cool and should be embraced. I will not airbrush you like a doll,  I’ll just enhance your natural beauty.