The connection that makes your heart skip a beat and sets your soul on fire

Simple photoshoot or engagement celebrations, let’s capture your raw connection

Couples photography in Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne

Every love story is unique. Whether you’ve just gotten engaged (congrats and big hugs), celebrating your 20-year anniversary or maybe, it’s second time lucky and you’ve just found the love of your life,  let’s celebrate your love and make it even stronger. This experience is for you. 

Your couple’s photoshoot will be made just about you two. I want to capture what makes your heart beat the hardest, what draws you to each other. The magnetising connection. Love. Presence. Gratitude. Two lone souls that crossed paths, found each other and chose to become partners for life. Just think of me as your best-date-ever planner and let me sneak around with perfect snaps of you two. 

We’ll go to the beach, traipse around the city, get some wind in your hair on a rooftop or run through a field. Come to my studio or stay cosy in your bedroom, the possibilities are endless, and the setting is yours to choose.

Wherever your journey takes you, it deserves to be encapsulated in photographs that will be treasured for decades to come. It’s your legacy and I guarantee you that when you look back on your couple’s photography in 10, 20 or 30 years, you’ll feel the love all over again.

/ FAQs

Why should we invest in our couple’s portraits?

It is for you and for your kids, so that they can look at your portrait in 2030 and say “It’s my Mum and Dad”. Create this for them, give them a lasting example of celebrating happiness. I want you to look back back at these photos for decades and feel the love you feel for each other right now. It’s your story, your little legacy.. It’s documenting your beautiful moments that otherwise might be forgotten.

What happens during the couple’s photo session?

Think about your best date ever. Add some adventurous spirit to it and multiply by x100 – that would be the best description for your couples photo session experience. My couple’s sessions are very relaxed and fun. Whether it’s done in my studio setup or in one of the beautiful locations we choose – it’s about you two, I’m after some raw moments, those little things that make your connection unique – cuddles, laughs, whispering sweet nothings to each other and falling in love all over again. I’ll gently guide you through the posing and expressions, it’ll be a friendly, connected and feel-awesome time.

Do you do studio photography for couples?

Cosy and homey, classic, timeless, moody or modern…I love shooting a couple’s photo session in my studio!  My studio space is located on the beautiful Carrum beach, a stone’s throw from the Carrum station. The beautifully light-controlled environment can be tailored and arranged to create contemporary black and white couple’s portraits, as well as warm colour portraits. And please, bring you furbaby!

Where do you hold lifestyle photo sessions for couples?

Most of my outdoor, lifestyle couples photography sessions are done on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges, Royal Botanical Gardens or right here, on the spectacular Carrum beach. The couples that love city scapes can have their photo sessions in the Melbourne CBD or in local urban areas.

What should we wear for the couple’s photo session?

I will send you a ‘What to Wear Guide’ that will help you to prepare for your couple’s photo session. You can wear your wedding dress (‘cos why not?), a jumpsuit, or a ball gown and we’ll take a leisurely walk through the fields. Feel free to go nuts and be quirky – I love it!

At the end of the day, your wardrobe is just one part of the couples photo shoot – the most important thing to remember is that it’s all about the two of you, your happy smiles and connection.