Unbreakable bonds with memories to treasure and keep

Family, a sweet tangle of love and chaos

Family photography in Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne

Family isn’t something you ‘do’, it’s your life. Family photo sessions are not about looking into the camera and saying ‘cheese’, it’s capturing where you all are at this very moment in life. The unbreakable bond  that holds you together. As a mum myself, I know how time flies, watching the kids grow and change so quickly before our eyes, fervently wishing that we could freeze moments in timeNo matter how old you or your children are, whether they’re 5 or 30, don’t let life get into the way!

Get together, cuddle each other, let the kids goof around, bribe the little ones with ice cream, bring the dogs…  Let’s get you all together and celebrate  the warmth and love of your family.

/ FAQs

What kind of family photography do you offer?

Through our family portrait photography sessions, we capture the warmth and precious moments of your family spending time together, mums and dads’ connections, mums with their mum and daughter/s – capturing all the generations in a single photo session. Whatever stage in life you’re at and whatever age your children or grandchildren are, I would be delighted to photograph your bond and create beautiful artwork for your family to have forever. And of course I’ll take care of all the little details for you so that everyone enjoys their bespoke photo session experience.

Are you going to pose us for the photos?

Yes and no. I want you to be yourself, candid and relaxed. I want to see some raw moments and interactions – lay on the grass, be silly (I will be too), tickle your kids, tickle your husband even more, give cuddles to all of the above – do whatever you feel like doing – just be yourselves, because that’s photographer’s gold!

I will gently guide you through posing and expressions, just to make sure there isn’t any over-the-top awkwardness, if you’re feeling flustered.  Want a classic sitting portrait? We can do that too! Don’t believe the old stereotype that studio portraits are overposed and artificial – classy and timeless art it will be, trust me. 

My husband and I don’t like to have our photo taken...

I hear you guys. Connection and trust foster the foundations for a great photography experience and  that’s why we’ll make sure that we’re a good match for each other prior to your booking. Most clients tell me that they don’t like to be photographed, but by the end of their session, they’re having so much fun that they don’t want to stop. They always rave about how easy and enjoyable it was – even the husbands do! So, trust me, you’re not alone, but know that having your photos taken doesn’t have to be awkward. You are in the capable hands of your soul mate (behind the lenses), who knows how to make the process easy and enjoyable for everyone. I’ll make sure you have a really, really great time!

Do you do studio photography for families?

Yes, I absolutely do! You are welcome to explore my cosy little studio which is located on the Carrum beach front (I’ve got an amazing view) or we can transform your home into our family photo studio!

I recommend in-home photo sessions for special occasions. Just moved into your dream home? Let’s celebrate it and do a photo session in your new house!

Where are you based? Do we need to travel for the photo shoot?

Located in Melbourne’s  beautiful Carrum Beach, I do most of my family lifestyle photography sessions right here or across spectacular destinations in Mornington Peninsula – lucky, the Peninsula offers tons of incredible places, parks and landscapes, which make for fantastic photography backdrops. 

We’ll choose the location for your family portrait photo session based on your personal preferences. It can be my cosy studio, your home or any place that is meaningful to you. 

Can you photoshop us?

While I’m happy to do some touch-ups on skin blemishes and imperfections,  I won’t alter the way you look. Please let me know if you have any concerns before the photo session and I’ll do my best to eliminate it with thought out poses – otherwise, yes I can work on concealing it in Photoshop and I’m damn good at it.