All you need to do is to show up with your beautiful smile on, it’s going to be AMAZING!
That’s all you have to do. I’ve got the rest.
Can’t wait to see you!


I am SO excited to be photographing you!  I want to help you get the most out of your boudoir experience and the whole time you spend with me, and to make sure you know how to prepare and exactly what to expect throughout the whole process.

 Feel free to re-visit this prep guide as often as you please.

First things first:


Exactly what kind of images are you hoping to walk away from your session with? Do you find yourself drawn to anonymous images that show off the body? Portraits? Editorial style? Have absolutely no idea? It can be very difficult to articulate your own style, and I don’t ask you to. Instead, the first thing that I ask clients to do is to create a “secret” Pinterest board for their photo session.  If you are not a Pinterest user, you can also just send me some photos, but I find that the secret board on Pinterest is the best way for you and I to get a good visual of the concept we’re going for. Go ahead and follow me on Pinterest right HERE so that we can share the ideas!

Once that’s done, I want you to create a Pinterest board titled ” (YOUR NAME) Photo Shoot” (it’s very important that you name your board with your full name because otherwise I’ll have a hundred “MY PHOTO SHOOT” boards and won’t know who is who) and, without thinking too much about it, I want you to PIN anything that speaks to you and your style. After pinning 25 or so images, I will very easily be able to get a visual of your style and the type of images you are interested in.  

Do you like sweet, bright, and bubbly?  Or maybe dark, moody, and seductive kind of photos are your favourite?  Do you like shots that capture the entire body? Do you like close-up teaser shots of body parts? Do you prefer more modest portraits? The purpose of this is NOT to find photos to replicate! It is inspiration and now that we’ll both know the kind of images you really like, it will be easier to deliver a set of photos that are YOUR STYLE, as long as it syncs well with my artistic style.


While my signature style is classy lifestyle boudoir, there is a variety types of images to work with.

Which are your favourites?

Detail Shots

Showcasing the beautiful bits that grace the female form. Collarbones, shoulders, arms, spines…these types of shots are perfect for a wall art display and to add visual balance to your collection.

Beauty Portraits

With or without clothes, these images include your face and a portion of your body. We have black and white backdrop options for different aesthetics.

Natural Beauty Portraits…

These particular shots incapsulate your utmost natural beauty- without makeup- celebrating your authentic self. This is a truly special experience as it allows you to see your raw self in an entirely new perspective. Yes, we can still remove blemishes and do a very gentle retouch, or you can choose to go without any editing! The option is yours and we love photographing fresh-faced women!

Classic Boudoir Style…

If you’re here for the skin, we’ve got you covered. The style that is elevated, effortless looking, and a beautiful celebration of the female form. Most boudoir style images are shot nude, or while wearing sheets or some form of loungewear.

fine art nudes…

My style is simple yet sophisticated.. Our fine art nudes are a timeless display of the female form.

stylised beauty

This type of shots is a bit more curated, magazine style photos. I love the experiments so feel free to bring your craziest ideas in and we will make it happen!


FRANKLY, and I’m not even close to exaggerating here, wardrobe is really not that crazy important for the way that I shoot. Please don’t stress out over wardrobe. Don’t feel the need to run out and buy all new things. I can do a completely versatile and awesome shoot with a single scarf, or the sheets, or a sweater. Truly. Don’t stress about it. 

Here are some wardrobe tips to help you decide what to bring!

Lingerie is NOT a must for the style I shoot.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! For a boudoir style shoot, a garter belt and thigh high fish nets would go great with a cropped sweater or graphic tee. A gorgeous bra can be paired with a long flowing skirt. Your favorite tank top can be paired with no pants. A simple bed SHEET can be used for everything. Your 20 year old favourite t-shirt paired with cheeky bottoms will get the job done just perfectly. 

For beauty portraits…

Your favorite blazer or jacket, a cocktail dress with an interesting neckline, or just a bodysuit and jeans… we want you to look and feel like yourself (just on your best day). 

When in doubt, just bring in some of your favorite wardrobe items and let me style them for you. It’s part of the service and I’m happy to do it.

This is about YOU and your authentic personality, not about being someone you aren’t.

The variety. 

Bring something formal, something casual, something super textured and fun, something more modest, to something black and sleek… you get the idea!

Have several outfits picked out and we can go through them together before your shoot to determine what will photograph the best. 

Pressed and Pretty! 

Make sure your wardrobe selections aren’t wrinkled, and cut all the tags off of your sheer items before arriving. 

Consider artistic nudes 

For a super easy, low maintenance, and FREE wardrobe option.

We’ll work the sheets, the furniture, a t-shirt, WHATEVER. This process is not supposed to be stressful, it’s supposed to be fun. So let’s rock it out with what you’ve GOT! 


Got nothing to wear or run out of time?

I came up with 10 boudoir looks out of my closet… without buying anything new. Thank me later! XX


1. Oversized Jumper

Like just about everything else on this list, a black blazer is something that most women already have in their closet. I prefer more of a loose fit for boudoir photos…but can work with really any fit with proper clipping/pinning. You can put your blazer on over a bra + panty set, a pair of cute bottoms, or nothing at all. 

2. The White (or Black) Tank Top

Wearing one of these with nothing under it, paired with a pair of white underwear is a completely classic, completely CHEAP look for some really steaming HOT boudoir photos!!!

3. Nothing At All.

I’ve successfully captured some of my favorite boudoir images of all time using literally no wardrobe. Whether it’s artistic nudes, implied nudes, or fine art…you don’t need any more than your birthday suit for this one. 


4. The Kimono.

Kimonos look amazing over basic undergarments or simply as an accessory to a nude figure. 


4. The Bodysuit.

There are few things I love more than a bodysuit. They are available everywhere (and all over the internet), they can be found relatively inexpensive, they are sexy, and they look amazing on all body types! I encourage my clients to bring one bodysuit to their session and I’m so glad when they listen!

5. The Fishnets.

Covered but exposed.. fishnets are an all-time winner PERFECT for a boudoir shoot! Wear with shorts, lingerie, a bodysuit or nothing at all!

6. The Boyfriend’s Shirt

There’s something so raw about it…  It can be draped so easily, buttoned/unbuttoned to any degree, and layered over whatever you’d like or nothing at all. 

7. The Swimsuit.

Everyone’s got a swimsuit…and I’m willing to bet everyone has a solid colored swim suit. You can use just the bottoms of a bikini, just a bikini top paired with underwear, or if you’re a one-piece queen, rock your one piece as a bodysuit. A one piece black thong swimsuit paired with a loose cozy sweater draped off the shoulder is the perfect look for a cozy Sunday morning kind of  boudoir set. 

8. The Holy Jeans

You DEFINITELY have jeans, right?! Unbutton, pull down, and voila. 

9. The Jacket

Wearing a coat or jacket of some sort is a popular option for boudoir….leather jackets and fur coats in particular!

10. The Scarf.

Scarves are so versatile, inexpensive, and beautiful. Oftentimes they are a plethora of sheer luxurious looking fabric and are PERFECT for a boudoir shoot. 

/ THE DAY before your session

Get your beauty sleep!  Seriously!  Photoshop can’t fix tired. 

Do your lips peeling. Dry lips are very hard to fix in post processing. In the days leading up to your photoshoot, use a soft face scrub or your toothbrush while brushing your teeth to also make a few passes over your lips – this will help shed dead skin. After that, apply a moisturizing lip balm…repeat repeat repeat.

Pamper yourself! Go a few days before your shoot and get a manicure and pedicure! This will give you a finished, polished look. Chipped polish can be distracting.

Lather on the lotion!  Moisturiser is key for beautiful skin! Be sure to moisturize twice a day for the week leading up to your shoot. You can absolutely just go with an oil based lotion like Argan Oil Moisturizer or Coconut Oil Moisturizer. Don’t use tinted lotions or anything with color.   We will have some moisturizer at the studio for you to use if you don’t have a lotion you love. 

Bring a lightweight, soft robe or flowing maxi dress to wear while getting your makeup done.  When you get to the photo session, we’ll ask you to slip into your robe and remove any tight undergarments. This will allow for any marks from tight bras, etc to even out so they don’t show up in your images.

Trust me. I won’t make you do anything that is going to make you look bad. I’m a pro. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I know how to make a woman look good with killer poses, strategic lighting, and appropriate camera angles. I’ve got you covered. 

/ FAQs

I’m not photogenic and I don’t know how to pose.

No-one is perfect and no-one really knows how to pose. The beautiful women you see in my galleries are not models, they are normal, everyday women who also asked me the same question, and they felt a bit nervous when they walked in for a photo session.. I’m here to gently guide you through posing and expressions and I’ll make this experience really special for you. These photos will make you feel proud, strong and beautiful, so you can own who you are. Please trust me, I can’t wait to meet you.

How long does the photoshoot take?

My sessions are very relaxed but always well planned and organised. Most sessions tend to take 1 to 2 hours . I gently guide you through posing and expressions, taking the time as needed to achieve the best and most flattering photos. Noone will be watching the clock, I promise!

Can you "photoshop" me?

Please let me know about your concerns before the session, and we will try to eliminate them by nailing the “right” posing and angles where you’ll feel most confident. If there is still something that needs to be retouched, I’ll do it for you. I like to abide by the “less is more” rule and I’m a strong believer that imperfections are cool and should be embraced. I will not airbrush you like a doll,  I’ll just enhance your natural beauty.

Showcasing the beautiful bits that grace the female form. Collarbones, shoulders, arms, spines…these types of shots are perfect for a wall art display and to add visual balance to your collection.


Most of our clients come to us at Marina Morgan Stodio on 6/619 B Nepean Highway in Carrum. Our space is nicely set up for photos. Gorgeous natural light, stunning clean simple sets (yes, we thought of everything). HOWEVER, I also love shooting in new places! If the schedule permits, we can discuss having your session in your home or an alternate location. 


Carrum Beach Foreshore parking: hourly rate is $3.40 and all day parking is $12.30. Free for Kingston parking permit holders.

Carrum Station Car park : 2 hr FREE.

Tenants car park: Narrow grey alley way between the Dentist and Sonya Kilkenny PM office. Free. I recommend to use this option.

Give me a buzz if find yourself lost 🙂