We focus on making it easy and enjoyable for you. Come alone or bring your favourite people, whichever you fancy.

The experience you have with your photographer on the day will strongly reflect on how you feel about your photos later on. Whether it’s just you or you’re planning on bringing along your family, partner, bestie, the whole shebang, I’ll make sure that we connect and that you’ll have an unforgettable day – from our first meeting to the moment we hang your portraits on the wall. That’s what you deserve from your photographer.


Before you book, I want to meet you (and your partner) in person, because nobody likes being photographed by a complete stranger. Over coffee, tea or both, we’ll chat about your vision, brainstorm ideas and plan your wardrobe. It’s going to be so much fun!

2. Photo session

My sole focus is to make sure that you’re having a great time – getting pampered, looking like a star and feeling really cool doing it! Bring one outfit change or your entire wardrobe, let’s get this party started! Forget about yesterday, forget about tomorrow, be present and have a blast, these moments are so rare.


Once your photos are ready, you’ll receive a VIP invitation back to my studio to view all the fabulous shots and select your favourite ones. Bring your bestie with you, you’ll likely need someone to wipe away your tears of joy and help you make choices.

4. enjoying your artwork

Designed for you, created with you and delivered to you with a cherry on top. Tell us where you’d like your portraits to be hung and we’ll get it all sorted. Sit back, cuddle your loved ones, smile and enjoy the moment. Bespoke artwork, a lifetime pleasure. 

/ FAQs

Why should I invest in portraits?

Because you’ve got a story to tell. You’ve got a journey. You’ve a charisma. Because time has the way of erasing the details. Once put on paper, it’s not a vague moment forgotten to the winds of time, it’s alive thanks to a photograph. You have it now, you’ll have it years later. It’s your legacy. That’s a thinking of a wise woman.

Your website is mostly black and white, do you offer colour portraits?

Black and white photography is my passion, for me they focus more on the essence of a subject. Most of my clients have loved and chosen the black and white version of their photo over the coloured version, after seeing both. 

Either way, you will receive a black and white copy to accompany most of your coloured photographs.

I don't like being photographed...

Most people don’t like being photographed because we feel vulnerable in front of the camera. Connection and trust foster the foundations for a great photography experience and that’s why we’ll make sure that we’re a good match for each other prior to your booking. Most clients tell me that they don’t like to be photographed, but by the end of their session, they’re having so much fun that they don’t want to stop. They’ll rave about how surprisingly easy and enjoyable it was – even the husbands do! So, trust me, you’re not alone but know that having your photos taken doesn’t have to be awkward. You are in capable hands of your soul mate (behind the lenses), who knows how to make the process stress-free and gratifying for everyone. I’ll make sure you have a really, really great time!

Do you pose people for the photos?

Yes and no. I want you to be yourself, candid and relaxed. I want to see some raw moments  – just be yourself, because that’s photographer’s gold!

If you’re feeling flustered, I will gently guide you through posing and expressions, just to make sure there isn’t any over-the-top awkwardness. Want a classic sitting portrait? Yes, we can do that too! 

Do you offer gift vouchers?

I sure do! Our gift cards include the session fee and a credit towards the artwork. You can choose from a range of different values to best suit your requirements. 

Gift vouchers are very popular for special occasions like housewarmings, birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on. Each recipient is sent a personalised gift certificate.