Here are a few things to consider.


Photographer is the most important person during the photo session, after the model. It takes lots of time and effort to find “YOUR” photographer, ithey need to be your photographic soulmate whose voice you can trust.

Many clients told me that trust was the most crucial point in choosing their photographer, as it helps clients to feel more calm, relaxed and confident during the photo session. Of course they liked my style on the first place.

When you choose your photographer make sure it’s someone who hears you so that you can achieve the result you look for, not the random outcome which you might like, but you still haven’t got that picture of yourself you dreamt of having taken.

Pay attention to the photographers specialty. What do they shoot, what do they post on social media? You might find lots of landscape photos worth framing on photographer’s page, or realestate, and food photos, and event pictures you name it. But once you are after some beautiful portraits would you choose the landscape of food photographer? Photographing people is a skill which professional photographers learn and master over years. Posing, expressions, angles – all that comes into consideration, and it’s a professional skillset.

It’s really important to trust the person who photographs you, and enjoy the process – your mood will show up in your pictures!

“I have looked through hundreds of photos and web sites in google in order to find a photographer for my photo session, and my intuition eventually guided me to Marina. It was important for me that my photographer was a female so that I could easier open up and relax in front of the camera. It was also important for me that my photographer is passionate about what she’s doing and that she can create a relaxed atmosphere and set the mood to the session so that I would feel special, photogenic and absolutely gorgeous!”