Online meeting survival guide


These days so many of us are working from home and taking meetings online so I created a simple guide for Zoom videos that look better. Let’s make sure you create the right environment that suits your brand.

The aim isn’t to look perfect as in your own look, but to get much better meeting results when the quality of your video call with your client or boss is as good as the quality of the service or product that you deliver. After all, you don’t need to be the one in the video chat with the dark or yellow screen and with all the double chins. 

So here are some most typical problems and solutions to them helping you to make great Zoom videos!



Problem: My face in video chats looks dark and yellow.

The solution: Place yourself in front of the window.

Move your computer (tablet, phone) as close as you can to the window. If the light is in front of your face it will be lit softer and nicer. If possible I recommend you to turn the ceiling light off. Ceiling light comes from above your head creating big shadows around your eyes which don’t look flattering. It also creates a yellow color cast that means your skin looks really yellow in videos. So window light – is the answer!


Problem: My video looks grainy.

The solution: Move closer to the window or other light source and face the light.

Being seen is an essential part of a video call. To make sure the image is crisp you need to have enough light in your room. So move your device as close to the light source as possible, and face the light.


Problem: Why do I have a double chin in my videos?

Solution: Position your device camera on your eye level.

Camera on the eye level – PERFECT! If necessary, stack some books under your laptop so that the camera of your computer is on your eye level. 

If you see a double chin – it means your camera is too low. Looking down into the camera can give the illusion of a fuller face. So.. put your device on a few books.

Keep in mind, objects that are closer to the camera look bigger and the objects that are further away look smaller. If you are sitting on the coach with the laptop on your knees be aware that your chin will look bigger and your eyes will look smaller, also your tummy will look bigger and your shoulders – smaller.


Problem: My face looks distorted in my videos.

The Solution: Move further away from the camera.

Distance yourself from your device camera to avoid your face looking funny. I can’t tell you how far from the computer screen you should be, as cameras in various devices work differently. But if you notice that your face looks funny on the screen – move further away from the camera! If possible, keep the entire top half of your body (from your chest up) in the frame – it might help you to avoid distortions.


Problem: The background. This might not bother you, but most likely it will put your client’s attention away from your conversation. 

The Solution: Think about what you have on the background and if those objects suit your brand? If not, move them or move yourself. 

zoom video conference tips

Hope these tips will help you to be consistent in delivering quality that is easily achievable, and then you are free to be as authentic and personal as you wish in your Zoom meeting.

See you soon in brand content creating photo sessions!